Dog Kennel

Specialty Buildings

Wooden Hut

Available in 8×12 (Single), 8×16 (Double), 12′ 3-Box, or 16′ 4-Box. The Outdoor Dog Kennel is designed to keep your dog well cared for and safe without worry. Our craftsmanship and quality construction will provide years of satisfaction.

Rent to Own Payment Plans

  • No Credit Check

    Our Rent to Own Option is available to anyone regardless of credit history. There is no credit check and using our Rent to Own program will not affect your credit whatsoever.

  • Low Monthly Payments

    Choose between a 36 month or 60 month payment plan. There is no down payment required but some buildings do require a security deposit.

  • No Early Payoff Penalty

    There is no early payoff penalty for paying off your Rent to Own contract early. 

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