Frequently Asked Questions

Portable Buildings

How fast can I get my building?

If the building is already built and on one of our lots, it typically takes 7-10 business days. If it is a new build, it will typically take 2-5 weeks depending on the type of building.

What sizes do you offer in portable buildings?

We offer any width from 8, 10, 12, 14, and 16 feet wide. Our width is measured from corner edge to corner edge of the platform which gives you more room. A lot of companies measure from the eave of the roof! This makes your building smaller. We build any length of building in 2 feet increments from 12 feet long up to 50 feet!

Where are the buildings made?

Our buildings are made in McGregor, Texas which is about 20 minutes outside of Waco right next to SpaceX! Yes, we do get to hear their rockets every day :)

What type of materials do you use for the exterior?

We have a variety of siding choices Treated (T-111), LP Smart Siding Painted or Stained Urethane, Metal (Vertical or Horizontal) Metal, Log Vanier or Lap Siding. Note that some of these are at different price points and can increase lead times. On the metal product line, all metal used is 29 gauge. Also, all exposed material is pressure treated!

What kinds of upgrades do you offer?

We have electrical packages, thermal pane windows, spray foam insulation, and more! Note that upgrades can increase lead times.

What kind of guarantee do I get that my building will last?

Our standard new buildings have a 5 year warranty and our budget/best value buildings come with a 3 year warranty! Built-in a tradition of Mennonite craftsmanship, Derksen Portable Buildings has been an American original for over 30 years. Note that used buildings are sold as is. If you have any issues with your building within the warranty period, just give us a call!

Okay, I’m sold! How can I get this building delivered?

All we need from you is a 50% deposit of the building total to get the delivery/building process started. Your bank account can’t take that large of a hit? No problemo. You are already qualified for our NO CREDIT CHECK rent-to-own program.

How does the rent-to-own program work?

When doing a rent to own contract, we are not going to do a credit check at all! This means this rent-to-own contract with APR Rentals will not hurt or help your credit. Approximately 60% of your minimum monthly payment will go towards your balance due on the building and 40% will be your rent. Every single dollar you pay over your minimum payment will go towards the balance due on the building, so you can end up paying it off much faster with no pay off penalty!

What if I do not want to have the building anymore or just can’t afford to make my Rent to Own payments?

Times can be tough, we get that for sure. As long as you stay in contact with the APR Rental folks, they can cancel your contract and have the building picked up by our delivery team.

Can I have my building built on site?

Unfortunately, not. Derksen can only be delivered fully built. Please be aware that in order to get your building into the space you want it, there needs to be a minimum width clearance of 2 additional feet and minimum height clearance of 2 additional feet.

If you are interested in an 8x12 with lofted barn with 8 foot walls, you will require a minimum width clearance of 10 feet and a minimum height clearance 14 feet.

How does the building get delivered?

Our buildings come fully assembled and ready to go on the back of a truck! We will then unload the building on your property and put it in place with a mule! The site needs to be prepped before our arrival (tree branches trimmed and stuff moved out of the way if needed). As handy as we are, we do not take down your fence, so this will need to be taken care of ahead of time. At the moment, we do not offer build on sites.

Can my building be moved to a new location?

Absolutely. There is a per situation cost of course, but you knew that! The cost depends on how far the building is to be moved, and how big the building is. If you already own a building, go ahead and give our factory a call at 254.840.2188. Just ask to speak to someone regarding our Shed Shipper department.

Do I need a permit?

We handle all transportation permits to get the building from our place to it’s forever home! As far as permits for the install, please check with your local code enforcement or homeowners association to find out what regulations they have.

How do you pronounce Derksen?

Don’t worry - We get this a lot! It’s pronounced like “Dirk-sin.” No, it is not pronounced “deer-skin.”